Project World Diver

A VR Game in Development


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World Space Cursor


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Mobile VR UI Pack

Make or Break Games is an independent studio with a unique and creative vision. We create beautiful and artistic games for everyone to appreciate, and we sell the tools used to make them on the Unity Asset Store.



Our Directors

Mike Leach

Founder and Studio Director

Mike has been programming and designing games for 14 years, with no signs of stopping soon. He loves all kinds of games but has a special place in his heart for classic ideas with a fresh twist. Since founding Make or Break Games in 2013, he’s been the ultimate inter-disciplinarian, working on every aspect of development that doesn’t involve his sad, sad drawing skills.

Robert Nally

Creative Director

Rob has been drawing and playing video games since childhood. He studied computer science at Villanova University, and later enrolled in Full Sail University’s Game Art degree program – eventually graduating as valedictorian of his class. He has several years of game development experience and uses his free time to teach others how to make games at a local community college. Today he focuses on the artistic and creative aspects of game development at Make or Break Games, acting as our Creative Director.